Yuck – 15 Pounds Lost

Today I weighed in. So far I have lost 15 pounds. Man that’s a lot of fat. Really disgusting thinking about. Check out the below picture! How did I ever have this much extra fat anyhow?! I think I still have another 5-12 pounds of fat left!! Yuck. Going to be hard too.


Feb 21st update

I have decided my scale is shit and really is only showing a trend. I have no idea what my body fat is. All I know is that a) I have dropped 11 pounds. b) I am stronger and have a lower resting heart rate than before. c) I have dropped 1-2 inches around my stomach. 

Feel good about the progress, but need to keep at it. Goal this week is to go to cross fit three times and the gym two times between today and Saturday. No sugar or milk either.



January 30th Update – New February Goal!

My Nudge goal is to hit 10% body fat. However, I have made less progress in the last month than I would have preferred. So far I have lost 1.1% body fat and 6.9 pounds. At this rate it would take me another 4 and half months to hit 10%. So I am now making an intermediary goal to hit 12% by end of February and hopefully hit 10% by the end of March to Mid April.